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Welcome to Stampii.

Using Storytelling
To Unlock Your Next
Local Adventure.

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About Our Game

Using the concept of location-based mobile gaming, we've created a way for you to support local communities socially and financially. Take a trip through Vancouver's Chinatown and solve mysteries that tell the story of the community.

Build Community

Learn the history of the local area. We give you the opportunity to hear stories from 9 members of Chinatown's community.

Create Memories

Building memories of the city you love has never been easier with our pre-selected, instagram worthy adventures.

Be Social

Take your loved ones with you on this fun-filled adventure! This game is designed to be fun for the whole family.

Unlock Stories

We've gamified the way you learn about your community by making the way your learn about your city achievement based.

Enjoy Local Delicacies

Knowing our users, we've curated our stories to help you find your new favourite restaurant along your way.

Leave Your Mark

At the end of each campaign you'll be invited to leave your story in our guestbook hidden somewhere in the community.

How The Game Works?

Download the Game

We currently only offer support for Android devices, but are working hard to bring this game to iOS. If you'd like to support us to make that come to life, email justin@stampii.io!


Create a user profile so you can track your progress. Registering also helps us to track whether we are effectively improving local business.

Collect Stories

Walk around our first campaign area in Vancouver's historic Chinatown and collect the stories of the community.

Leave Your Mark

Once you complete the campaign, you'll be shown a secret guestbook where you can leave your mark in Chinatown history!

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We are currently fundraising in order to bring this application to iOS. If you'd like to be informed when our application supports iOS devices, please sign up for our Newsletter.